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As Halloween quickly approaches, Redditors share their recommendations for the very best paranormal YouTube channels.
Ryan Vergara and Shane Madej from Buzzfeed Unsolved, otherwise known as the Ghoul Boys, have finally returned with a new paranormal series from Watcher and it is now available on YouTube. Ghost Files welcomes back the hilarious and successful paranormal investigators who guide audiences into questioning "are ghosts real?"
But Ryan and Shane are not the only YouTubers that wonder about the existence of ghosts, demons, poltergeists, and other mysterious creatures of an unseen realm, and there are multiple YouTube channels that explore the endless possibilities of the paranormal by exploring haunted places, reviewing spooky videos or sharing fascinating cases. Fortunately, Redditors have found the best ones out there.
Redditor femineon named Nexpo as their favorite paranormal channel and a great amount of Redditors said the same. She then commented "not always paranormal but lots of creepy stuff" which sums up how rich the channel is in its content.
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Its unique way of addressing each case with a reasonably skeptical approach makes his videos all more interesting and believable, which makes it the perfect channel for viewers who seek cases that are somewhat truthful, genuinely intriguing, and open for scientific and paranormal discussion.
User DirtRacing commented "Nuke's Top 5 is the best hands down" and met plenty of other Redditors who suggested the same channel. Nuke's Top 5 compiles multiple videos of ghosts, demons, poltergeists, apparitions, and other disturbing occurrences that are perfect for viewers who seek to creep themselves out at night before going to bed.
Although there are plenty of other channels that share the same premise, Nuke's Top 5 stands out from the rest with its great narration and commentary of events, and the channel's selection of videos could be comparable to the best horror movies of the last decade.
Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej changed the ghost hunting game with their successful channel Buzzfeed Unsolved which garnered millions of views and subscribers within the six years of its release. Redditor MaisyMoo88 mentioned the channel and added "yes it is BuzzFeed but it’s fantastic!" and no other Redditor could contradict them.
It's undeniable that the combination of Ryan Bergara, a paranormal enthusiast, and Shane Madej, a total skeptic, results in wonderful and hilarious chemistry that no other paranormal channel has. Their interactions are entertaining enough in themselves, but their truthful investigations with little to no evidence of the paranormal, make each actually "spooky" moment believable and worth a lot of consideration.
Redditor Silent-Yandere mentioned, "Mr. Nightmare and Creepypasta" but only the first one was praised by other Redditors. Mr. Nightmare has it all, from spooky compilation videos of paranormal sightings to scary stories' podcasts, among other mysterious content that gives anyone the creeps.
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Viewers must be aware that most of Mr. Nightmare's videos do not focus on the paranormal, but on anything that is considered terror. However, every channel's release counts with a serious and sober description and commentary that effectively builds up the horror that all paranormal enthusiasts seek.
User bkay17 commented "Reignbot" and Motanfoutune added, "with the music alone that give chills". Reignbot does not only review paranormal cases but also true crime. It could easily be considered to have one of the best true crime YouTube series: "Stories From Our Disturbing World".
Although the channel covers mostly dark true crime cases, plenty of other videos review mysterious occurrences where viewers can only wonder if the paranormal had something to do with it. Either way, the content is always spine-chilling, and befitting of real-life horror fans.
Redditor BoomBangkapow mentioned the channel that was often mentioned and praised by other users, and Tlentic added "Valley of the Headless Men was hands down his best in recent times". The ex-soldier who now runs a successful YouTube channel has an undeniable gift for story-telling and captivates millions with its endearing way of recounting horror stories.
MrBallen's narration is accessible, simple, and clear, which makes any viewer feel as if they were just in a conversation with a friend. His most distinguishable trait is how within his sort of "light-hearted" talk MrBallen is able to deliver a powerful and engaging story that can hook listeners for hours, just like the best nerve-racking story horror games of all time.
Spot-One commented, "Find them really good at explaining the places etc, but also Elton started out as a skeptic and has slowly changed his view". Overnight inevitably hints at more successful ghost hunting programs that were popular in the early 2000s, like MTV's Fear or Paranormal State. YouTuber's visit and investigate haunted locations and captivate viewers with their scary findings.
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However, much like the TV programs from the 2000s, the over-dramatization of the events occurring within the investigations can sometimes make it all seem exaggerated or fake, and while it is amusing to follow the explorations, it may not be up to everyone's taste.
Redditor WonderWoman808520 commented, "A co-worker got me hooked on this channel" and named Lazy Masquerade. The channel addresses all sorts of cases that could be considered mysterious. Whether it is true crime or other occurrences that open up the discussion of the paranormal.
Lazy Masquerade is great at its storytelling. As many of his followers admit, he is particularly pleasant to hear in the dark of the night, just moments before heading to sleep. His content is comparable to the most creepy documentaries available on streaming platforms, and therefore is a must for paranormal enthusiasts.
"MindSeed TV" is the perfect channel for those who only wish to watch videos that focus exclusively on the paranormal. Redditor skiddodles99 aside "I really like mindseed TV on YouTube". The channel dedicates only to haunted places explorations, attempts to communicate with the dead, cursed items investigations, and searches within the deep web.
The YouTube channel is befitting for paranormal believers and fans of homemade video horror, but their overwhelming amount of "evidence" inevitably makes their content doubtful for skeptics or other paranormal enthusiasts that consider supernatural beings cannot manifest that easily and with that much frequency.
Redditor thoraxe92 mentioned the Paranormal Quest and added "I really enjoy Paranormal Quest for the serious vibe", although it is this very serious tone that makes it a little hard to watch for some others. Nonetheless, they follow very interesting stories.
Paranormal Quest lacks the skepticism that can sometimes be necessary for paranormal channels to make the content intriguing, but they do have solid investigations and discussions. Like many shows of its kind, it is guilty of showing too many moments where the explorers "felt" something, instead of showing quantifiable proof or footage, which can make it a little boring at times.
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