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From Vinyl to Atlanta, there are plenty of music-driven shows to enjoy after watching Netflix’s new drama, The Unbroken Voice.
Dramatizing the life of a young Colombian singer, Arelys Henao, Netflix's The Unbroken Voice gives viewers a glimpse into the struggles of an aspiring music superstar. Following in the footsteps of other great music-driven shows, The Unbroken Voice is as much about the music as it is about the riveting drama of Henao's life.
From dramedies like Atlanta to riveting epics like Empire, the music industry is a constant source of amazing television, and The Unbroken Voice is just the latest in a long line of series on the subject. Though plenty of shows have used music as their backdrop, only a select few are worth watching after catching up on Netflix's new telenovela.
Many have described the music industry as magical, and the Amazon original series Paradise City took that idea more literally than any other show had before. Spinning off from the film American Satan, the show follows a rock star with occult ties who clashes with an overzealous fan.
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Unlike The Unbroken Voice, which is rather straightforward with its presentation, Paradise City is a hyper-stylized adventure into the strange with a heavy rock and roll influence. Despite their differences, the show does explore aspects of the music industry, especially through the relationship between fans and the artists they idolize.
The music industry can be quite difficult for women to break into since it is usually a male-dominated world. However, Rap Sh!t tries to change that with its story as it follows several former high school friends who reunite to pursue their dreams of making it big in music by forming an all-female rap group.
As the title suggests, the show is uproariously funny and is one of the best HBO original comedy series, but it uses its humor to make biting criticism about the music industry. Despite their disparate tones, The Unbroken Voice has a lot in common with Rap Sh!t, and it stands as a humorous alternative to the former with an eye towards the same themes.
While The Unbroken Story is the tale of a music success story, Selena: The Series captures one of music's saddest tragedies. Recounting the life of Selena Quintanilla, the series chronicles her brief rise to stardom and the dark events that lead to her eventual murder.
Already the subject of one of the best music biopics ever, Selena's life was still rich and complex enough to justify a short-lived series from Netflix. The series is anchored by the brilliant performance from Christian Serratos as the titular star, and it tells her story with all the depth and gravity that her short but impactful life deserved.
The Unbroken Voice is a series that is laser-focused on the life and music career of its main character, but Fame branched out into the lives of several aspiring artists. Based on the film of the same name, the series follows the day-to-day lives of students at a New York arts school, who each pursue different paths to stardom.
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Although it is stuffed with '80s cheesiness, Fame definitely has the verbose nature that telenovela fans have come to expect. With a variety of different stories to follow, the series offers more for the viewer to get invested in, and fans of The Unbroken Voice will get a lot of enjoyment out of the classic series that paved the way for their favorite modern shows.
The best arts-based TV shows use their subject as a backdrop to explore the deeper human drama that comes along with it, and Step Up is no exception. After relocating from Ohio to Atlanta's most prestigious arts school, a pair of twins must prove themselves to be worthy of the school both on and off the dance floor.
The drama of Step Up is heightened by the dance sequences, and dancing in general is a mirror of the singing career that Arelys is pursuing in The Unbroken Voice. Even if the audience aren't dance fans, there is enough riveting drama woven through the lives of the teachers and students to make Step Up a must-watch for any sort of viewer.
Shows about a family business empire are all quite popular now, but the music-based series Empire helped to start the trend off on a strong note. After learning of his terminal diagnosis, a hip-hop mogul must pick his successor in order to preserve his family's musical legacy.
Unlike The Unbroken Voice, music takes a backseat to the drama in Empire, but there is still a fair amount of industry insight to keep fans interested. The performances are the show's strongest suit, and the twists and turns that the series takes are the television equivalent of a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
The music industry is a cut-throat world, and a series, like The Unbroken Voice, shows off the glitz as well as the harshness of trying to make a career in music. Nashville shows the story of an aging country music superstar, who finds that her place at the top is slipping after an upstart musician comes to take her crown.
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Fans of The Unbroken Voice might be turned off by Nashville's country music focus, but the drama is enough to unite the audience regardless. The series expands its focus to other characters, until it eventually becomes a tangled web of musical intrigue with the famous Music City as its battleground.
Now best remembered as a great series with only one season, the short-lived period dram Vinyl is perfect for the music history buff. Richie Finnestra is a record executive who attempts to keep his struggling label relevant during the shifting musical eras of the 1970s.
Exquisite with its set decoration, Vinyl transports the viewer to the 1970s and has a much more realistic tone than the telenovela style of The Unbroken Voice. Even so, the interpersonal drama is the thread that links the two shows together, and it is the perfect next step for a fan of the new series that has a serious interest in the history of recorded music.
Music and culture are inextricably linked, and like in The Unbroken Voice, culture is a primary focus in the HBO hit Treme. Set in the years immediately following Hurricane Katrina, the series follows residents of New Orleans as they try to live their lives in the wake of the disaster.
While the music industry isn't even an aspect of Treme, music is still very much the lifeblood of the story and the city of New Orleans itself. Fans of The Unbroken Voice will still get a lot out of the show despite their differences, and the theme of perseverance in the face of hardship is even stronger in Treme.
With its own blend of drama and comedy, Atlanta is a one of the most unique music-based series in TV history, and no other show has come close to capturing its frenetic energy. Set in the eponymous city, the series concerns a young rapper who tries to find a balance between his real life and the persona he has carefully crafted for himself.
Offering biting commentary about race and class, the show is so much more than a musical drama, and has appeal for fans of shows, like The Unbroken Voice. Even if it approaches its subject matter from a totally different place, Atlanta is still very much about the music industry and how it has positive and negative effects on those who live within it.
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