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Cuttack: Although it seems unbelievable, a five year old kid shows tricks with hula hoop which is unbelievable. The said boy from the silver city of Odisha has shown amazing tricks with hula hoop. In a recent video he was seen twirling hula hoop ring around his waist more than 100 times in a minute. The video has gone viral.
Meet Jay Narayan Sahu, the younger son of Shivani and Sunat Sahu of Machhua Bazar in Mangalabag area of Cuttack. He attends the play school.  Like any other parents, the couple use to buy toys for their tiny tot and the kid happily plays with it. Yet, merely four months back they brought a hula hoop ring.
To everyone’s surprise, the kid started to twirl it around his body in a few days. According to his parents, Jay has not received any training regarding this, but yes, they helped him get lessons about it from YouTube and the kid was smart enough to grasp the teaching.
Now, we can watch the kid twirling the hula hoop ring around his waist, neck and other parts of the body while standing, sitting, walking and dancing.
Earlier others have created record with Hula hoop. Now, the kid wants to take training on how to do the tricks more efficiently so that he can do well and bring laurels to the State.
As the kid shows tricks with hula hoop his parents decided to make him popular. After finding the talent of their son, they recorded it and posted the video to social media. And within a short span it garnered attention of viewers. A number of netizens came up with admiring comments for the exhibition by the kid.

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