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These series will fuel your obsession.
Vikings—a sort of catch-all term for brave and often brutal seafaring warriors from Scandinavia who settled throughout parts of Europe. Although they were a disruptive influence that affected European history, there’s something about their will and determination that captures our imaginations (or maybe the fact that the main characters in Viking shows are always good-looking). Because we can’t exactly time travel back to the 9th century, what better way to immerse yourself in the notorious legends than with a show dedicated to the fearsome warriors.
Similar to the popular Western genre, fictional trials and tribulations can be an easy escape from modern-day life. When History Channel surprised history buffs and action lovers with the premiere of Vikings in 2013, it was clear viewers love a good historical drama that takes a deep dive into revenge, drama, and chaos rather than romance and politeness. When the network’s first-ever scripted series ended, that opened the door for action-filled shows like Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom.
Even if you can’t pinpoint the intrigue with Vikings, it’s safe to say that this list of shows about the formidable warriors who are willing to put their life on the line for victory has something for everyone. From historically accurate accounts to fantasy-based plots, there’s enough Viking to go around when it’s time to choose a new show to binge. There’s even an animated option for kids who want a slice of the charismatic Viking spirit!

With 6 complete seasons, take a deep dive into the mysterious and brutal world of viking warrior and farmer Ragnar Lothbrok who wishes to travel to the distant shores across the sea.
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As the sequel to Vikings, a century has passed a new generation of heroes arise to forge their own destiny and make history.
Stream on Netflix
The Netflix hit follows a young warrior on his fierce mission to reclaim his birthright. Experience the re-telling of King Alfred the Great’s story and his desire to unite kingdoms into what we now know as England.
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From the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, join Hiccup, Toothless, and other Dragon Riders as they battle old enemies and meet some new dragons on the way.
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Who said Vikings have to be serious? This Norwegian comedy follows the residents of an 8th-century Viking village as they experience social change, innovations, and political rivalry.
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Two powerful families play a deadly game for control over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the coveted Iron Throne. But, they must beware of what lies beyond the Great Wall that protects them as a forgotten evil has returned.
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Like vikings, but with magic. The witcher, a mutated hunter, travels near and far yet struggles to find a place in the world when people often prove to be even more wicked than beasts.
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Torn between the empire that raised him and his own tribal culture, this German series follows a Roman officer whose conflicted loyalties lead to a historical clash of epic proportions.
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Okay, we’ll admit that they’re not actually Vikings, but the vibe is still there. In 1306, the Knights Templar are losing their rank as one of the most powerful organizations in the Christian world. Looking to regain their importance in the Holy Land, the warrior monks are to protect the Holy Grail from a growing list of powerful enemies.
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