Adamari confronts Daniella Navarro about what happened with her ex Toni

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  • Is Adamari jealous of Daniella?
  • Toni Costa said that he and Dani are very good friends
  • Daniella tries to respond to what the Puerto Rican said

All followers of Adamari López know the story he had with Toni Costa. When did they meet and their relationship? Although some assure that the Puerto Rican has been sending hints on her Instagram. A few days ago she had made a revelation of her and Daniella Navarro’s ex.

In La Casa De Los Famosos, the Venezuelan and the Spanish said they were very good friends. They even had a confrontation, but they solved it. Recently Adamari was able to talk to Daniella after her departure from the Telemundo reality show and confronted her about what he had previously commented on.

What did Adamari say about Toni and Daniella?

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The hosts of the morning show today from Telemundo, where the Puerto Rican most beloved by Hispanics Adamari López drives, They were surprised by the sudden relationship between Nacho and Daniella. Toni Costa’s ex left everyone surprised by what she said about Alaïa’s father in the middle of the program.

“They started touching there last night at dinner holding hands. And there was a kiss that we are going to see tonight on the program, ”said Jorge Bernal, who this Monday joined the show hosted by Adamari López and Stephanie Himonidis as a guest host.

Did Daniella and Toni kiss?

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It was then that the charismatic Puerto Rican presenter interrupted him to make an unexpected comment about Daniella and her ex Toni Costa that surprised everyone present. Why would he have made this kind of comment? Will she still hurt?

The Puerto Rican Adamari López did not hesitate to answer what she thought about the situation of the Venezuelan “But it was not with the only person with whom she kissed (Nacho), Daniella kiss with Toni too”, assured the former actress of successful soap operas such as Gata Salvaje and Amigas y rivales. FILED FROM: Adamari vs. Daniella Toni

Adamari confronts Daniella

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Last Wednesday Daniella Navarro left LA CASA DE LOS FAMADOS, finishing as the fifth finalist of the most watched reality show on Telemundo. The Venezuelan had an interview session with various network programs, including Hoy Día and Adamari López spoke with her. WATCH VIDEO HERE

“At some point I said that you had given yourself a peck kiss with Toni. That Nacho was not the only person you had kissed. Did that really happen or didn’t it happen? It was a confusion?”. It was Adamari’s words to Daniella Navarro, what did the Venezuelan answer? FILED FROM: Adamari vs. Daniella Toni

Daniella denies it

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Daniela only denied Adamari’s words and only mentioned that this never happened. In addition, some people believe that Ada only invented that to make her ex look bad with her current girlfriend, the Mexican influencer Evelyn Beltrán. “Are you causing discord so that Toni Costa leaves the woman?”

Other users only asked him to forget Spanish and focus on his current life: “But she no longer has anything to do with Toni, she cares if she kisses him or not.” “Please, Adamari and Tony, it’s your past life, turn the page, no one is interested.” “Oh my God his face when asking! 🫣 The anger came out of his pores and red as a tomato.” FILED FROM: Adamari vs. Daniella Toni

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