After years of suffering bullying, a woman decides to venture into OnlyFans and is now a millionaire

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The woman also makes music on social networks.

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Bullying has become a constant for many peoplea problem on which the authorities have concentrated to eradicate this practice mainly in schools.

Precisely one victim is a young woman from Colombia called Aida Corteswho lived through difficult times, but once a video of him was leaked, he became a star on social networks.

“At that moment everything changed. The greetings went from hello Aídita to mmmm! Hi Aida. At that moment I had to make strong decisions, I had to start fighting against the pressure, the harassment of teachers, against things that are behind this worldthat people often do not know how to differentiate, that it is work and that real life is something different, “he said.

In the recording, the woman appeared without clothes, so that led her to have problems with her parents; however, at that moment he realized that his thing would be to venture into digital platforms, hence he came to OnlyFans.

Not everything is generating erotic content, since the Colombian indicated that “I make music on YouTube and all of that kind of gave me a huge following.”.

“I was really looking for a job in the newspaper, like any girl who has just graduated and wanted to work in an International Business activity,” she added about her intentions before fully entering the adult content she produces.

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