Bad Bunny’s reign and his Hollywood debut on the podcast La Opinion Hoy

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A new day, another edition of the podcast, La Opinion Hoy. This August 5, there was talk about the reign of bad bunny on the music scene and his foray onto the big screen at the hands of Brad Pitt in ‘Bullet Train’; what’s more, We tell you who is the beautiful Colombian who gave life to the Puerto Rican’s wife in this film. Here we tell you the details!

Like every morning, our group of experts met to comment on the most relevant issues of the day, where the interpreter of “Callaíta” stood out for the stir he has generated not only with his latest record material (“A summer without you”), but by his recent foray into Hollywood in the American film ‘Bullet Train’.

However, this is not the only character with which the famous 28-year-old will reach the big screen, since A few weeks ago it was announced that he will be part of the Marvel Universe playing “El Muerto”. With this, he will mark history once again by becoming the first artist to personify a hero of Latin origin.

In the words of Diana Gutiérrez, Bad Bunny’s success has been marked by his personality and hunger for work, since not even the coronavirus pandemic could stop his creative spiritwhich led him to make one of his most famous record materials, “I do what I want”.

From a very young age he began to make the songs he wanted to make (…) That charisma of wanting to be something else or simply being faithful to himself has allowed him to move not only in the world of music.. In 2021 she was in the series ‘Narcos México’ and that has been what has allowed her to see herself in other worlds and that she can participate in the movie ‘Bullet Train’ with Brad Pitt”, she highlighted.

And it is that Bad Bunny personified ‘El Lobo’, a criminal who is not willing to give Brad Pitt an easy path to achieve his mission. It should be noted that in addition to the Puerto Rican, there is another Latin talent that joined this film; It was about the Colombian actress Andrea Muñoz, who gave life to the wife of the self-styled ‘bad bunny’.

If you want to stay informed, remember that every morning, from Monday to Friday, La Opinion Hoy addresses in 10 minutes the most relevant issues of the day for the Hispanic community in the United Statesall this under the voice of Ricardo López Juárez, Diana Gutiérrez and Enrique Hernández, as well as interventions by the award-winning team of journalists from La Opinion.

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