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C’mon, Netflix, one and done? Here are the streamer’s best shows that were canceled after just one season.
Netflix has been one of the leading providers of subscription-based entertainment in recent times. From movies and TV shows to concert and comedy specials, Netflix has constantly provided quality content for consumers to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. However, not every project is a hit, at least for Netflix. With so much content being pumped out of there, like a factory, some shows are bound to fall through the cracks. Even after just one season, for whatever reason, Netlfix could just cancel, and they do.
For a show to survive, there are many things to take into consideration. It may be how many people watch it, if people like it, or if the demand for that kind of show is there. There is a method to the madness, and some shows — really great, fun, and otherwise high-quality shows — do not make the cut. Here is a list of some of the best Netflix TV shows that were canceled after just one season, from the video game adaptation Resident Evil to children’s musical Julie and the Phantoms.
Now, was this one the best? No. However, with some time and audience reaction and input, it had potential. This year, Netflix put out their own show, Resident Evil, inspired by the video game of the same name. Resident Evil follows a young girl as she tries to navigate a post-apocalyptic world crawling with the infected. The show itself was not the most favorable among audiences, but with the games being the show's inspiration, there was definitely room for growth.
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The teen drama series Grand Army was released on Netflix in 2020. The show stars many young and notable names in the entertainment industry today, including Odessa A'zion, Amalia Yoo, and David Iacono. The show follows a group of students in a public Brooklyn high school as they attempt to tackle the world of chaos that awaits them outside their school walls. Grand Army, with its interesting premise and relevancy to social issues today, surprisingly lasted for only one season.
Sometimes, everything just sucks. But not this show! Netflix released the first (and only) season of the drama series Everything Sucks in 2018. The show follows a group of high school students in the 1990s that dedicate their time to make a movie in order to get noticed. With the ups and downs of high school life staring them in the face, they see this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Everything Sucks has some names you could recognize, including Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Di'Allo Winston, and Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney.
The drama First Kill came out this year on Netflix. If you are a fan of forbidden love stories and the supernatural (particularly vampires), this show is right up your alley! First Kill is a story about young love, based on the novel by V.E. Schwab. However, a relationship will not come easy for Juliette and Calliope because one of them is a blood-thirsty vampire and the other is a vampire hunter — talk about complicated.
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The Society, another fan-favorite original show from Netflix, was over after 10 episodes. This teen mystery follows a group of students whose trip gets cut short by a storm. However, upon their return, they quickly realize that all the grown-ups and adults in the town have disappeared. Now, these students are forced to fend for themselves when a fun, "free of adults" environment turns into survival.
We were CRUSHED when we found out that we will not see more of Blair and Sterling in the comedy drama Teenage Bounty Hunters. This show follows twin sisters who, along with dealing with being high school students, happen to also be some very talented bounty hunters. This show mixes action, comedy, and the young-adult genres perfectly and became a hit with viewers and critics. However, like many great shows, Netflix managed to kill this one's future after one season.
The Netflix Original series I Am Not Okay With This follows Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis), a high school student going through some really relatable, coming-of-age things like her sexuality, life as a high school student, and a complicated crush on her best friend. This show was based on a Charles Forsman graphic novel and even though the stellar cast was paired with an interesting premise and a unique vibe, the show was ultimately canceled by Netflix after only one season because of the pandemic in 2020.
Julie and the Phantoms is a children's musical TV show directed by Disney legend Kenny Ortega. This show follows a young girl named Julie that has lost her voice until she comes across a ghost band consisting of 4 teenage ghosts who died in the 90s. The band, known as Sunset Curve, finds out that when they perform with Julie, they can be heard and seen by the public. This show and its fantastic soundtrack captivated and charmed fans of all ages. However, over a year after the first season aired, Netflix announced that they will not be picking it up for a second season despite its popularity and fan-made petitions to get any platform to continue it (via What's On Netflix).


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