Beyoncé unleashed a furor among her fans with a semi-nude in the advance of her video “Break My Soul”

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Beyonce | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For a few days, the name of Beyonce has gone around the world with the release of his record material “Renaissance”. And now He gives something to talk about again for the hot preview he revealed of the music video for his song “Break My Soul”.

Through her official YouTube channel, the multi-award winning singer played a prank on her fans by publishing what was apparently the video clip of the song “Break my soul”, which It was released during the month of June.

However, what a surprise they took when glimpsing Beyoncé showing off the spectacular figure with which he counts at 40 years old clad in a costume similar to a bathing suit.

In this case, Jay-Z’s wife left little to the imagination, since the piece was made up of a central structure that started from her belly to her neck. strategically covering the “dangerous” areas.

Also, Beyonce posed sitting on a horse figure silver as she stood stoic and moved her hands to the beat of the music. It should be noted that during the last four minutes only a black background appears with the word “Renaissance”, the album from which this song emanates.

The reaction of Internet users was immediate in the comments section under the audiovisual. “Now you only play with our emotions!”, “Beyoncé always impacts”, “Now I did believe her” and “Beyoncé, can you throw me a video with a 30 second visual and the rest is the album title? Do not go overboard ”, are some of the messages that are read.

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