Blender vs. Processor: When You Should Use Each

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If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then you are likely to be very handy with various tools. culinary. You have expert knife skills, you’re a pro with the slow cooker, and you really know how to use the stove. But what about the food processor or your blender? Do you really know the uses for these? Do you know the difference? And are you using them the right way? For most of us—even those who claim to be kitchen sages—there is a lot of confusion about which accessory will best meet your chopping/mixing/blending/emulsifying needs.

And since some recipes and cooking sources use the terms “blender” and “food processor” interchangeably (a classic kitchen misconception), it can be difficult to move between your tools. In accordance with Consumer Reports, the blender and food processor: “They excel at different tasks. A blender is best for blending drinks and making smoothies, while a food processor is great for chopping, chopping, and shredding.” In other words, if you want a kitchen that’s fully stocked with all the things you need to whip up all those sweet treats you love, then yes, you need both. While we may not be saving any bar space, we’re about to save you a lot of confusion. Here are some simple tips and guides to help you assess when you need to use what. Happy mixes.

If you are preparing a soup


If you’re making a soup that you want to have a smooth texture (meaning no lumps), then a blender is your best bet. This is because the blades of a blender are not sharp, but are dull and strong thanks to the powerful motor of the attachment. The combo gives you a perfect puree consistency, which is exactly what you want when making soups.

Here there are some delicious recipes for soups that use the power of a blender to make the magic happen. And if you don’t want to deal with all the mess and cleanup of a traditional blender, then a hand blender It’s a great tool to have on hand. This hand blender is perfect for giving quick recipes a speedy shake to create a smooth texture with the push of a button. Zero extra containers or bowls, just mix in the pot or bowl you’re already using.

A processor to make small pieces of food


Chopping requires sharp blades that can chop and slice and do so at incredible speed, which is where a food processor comes in handy. After all, sometimes your knife skills may be good, but they’re not. so good, and if you have to chop a lot, you want a professional tool that can help you do it efficiently and evenly.

A food processor is great for slicing cheese, chopping and finely chopping vegetables like carrots and mushrooms, making homemade breadcrumbs, or even making puff pastry. And since this accessory usually comes in a variety of blades that you can change based on your needs, it really is a multi-purpose tool that you should have in your kitchen.

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