Cecilia Bolocco, with an open heart: from the condition she gave Carlos Menem before starting their relationship to the difficult illness her son went through

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For the first time, Cecilia Bolocco revealed the warning she gave Carlos Menem before starting a relationship – Credits: @Captura

Some days ago, Cecilia Boloco He went through the cycle of interviews that Don Francisco -a renowned host from Chile- has on the CNN network in Spanish. There, the former model, host and fashion designer opened her heart and surprised with some hitherto unknown statements: her desire to be a mother, the condition she placed on former President Carlos Menem before beginning their relationship and the most difficult moment of her life, when her son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“Motherhood is the most important milestone in my life. Without a doubt, there is a before and an after. I think that for all of us who have had the privilege of being mothers, we know that the moment you give birth to a child, your life changes diametrically,” Bolocco confessed via Zoom about this desire that was always inside her. And she immediately revealed how important the arrival of Máximo was for her: “I had been crowned Miss Universe many years before, but I have to admit that I never felt more queen, more powerful, more blessed and extraordinarily natural. Because that thing of walking into a delivery room alone and coming out with another human being in your arms is really moving, ”she reflected.

Although she was married to an American producer for many years, her dream of being a mother was fulfilled by Carlos Menem, to whom she gave an important warning on the first date. “I always wanted. In my first marriage it did not happen, but it was always a great desire. What’s more, when I met Carlos and we started dating, I told him: ‘This is not a game for me and if we get to be together I want you to know that I want to be a mother; I want to have a child’. And he told me: ‘Well, we’ll have a son.’ So I replied: ‘Well, then we can continue talking’”, she confessed, between laughs.

Cecilia Bolocco revealed how motherhood changed her life forever
Cecilia Bolocco revealed how motherhood changed her life forever – Credits: @instagram.com/ceciliabolocco

In 2018, her son Máximo was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the driver felt that her life was collapsing at that very moment. “Those who have experienced something similar or have been in that abyss where you feel that your son can leave at any moment, they will understand me”, said who immediately recalled how difficult it was to see his son enter the operating room for a neurosurgery that lasted longer eight hours, until the harsh treatment he had to go through after being diagnosed with grade 4 cancer.

“It was extremely violent. They gave him a few years to live, and if he was lucky he recovered from that treatment, he would be left with serious consequences. That news hits you like an atomic bomb in the center of your being, in your heart, it annihilates you, ”he acknowledged while he explained where he got the strength to move on. “I managed to get out of that trance only because I had my son by my side. I said: ‘I have to take care of him, I have to be with him, I have to be the pillar of him, I have to take him forward’. And that strength made me reborn. Obviously I have never been the same again, because that Cecilia literally died that night, “she revealed moved.

Minutes later, Bolocco spoke of his son’s difficult bond with his father. “Is it true that he wanted to change his last name?” Asked the interviewer. “No, it’s not true, but he does use the Bolocco many times first, a very loving thing. Not long ago I nearly killed my heart for Father’s Day. He comes to my room with a breakfast tray and tells me: ‘Happy day, mom, because you’re my dad too.’ I am grateful because I have a communion with Máximo so deep that I think it is a blessing, “he said.

Cecilia Bolocco celebrates her birthday with her son Máximo and her partner, José Patricio Daire (Photo: Instagram @ceciliabolocco)
Cecilia Bolocco celebrates her birthday with her son Máximo and her partner, José Patricio Daire (Photo: Instagram @ceciliabolocco)

Although she acknowledges that it was difficult to raise him alone and that she is sad “not having been able to give him a father”, the former model assures that, today, her son was able to find that father figure in his current partner, José Patricio “Pepo” Daire. “Today he has a beautiful relationship with José Patricio,” she warned. Her comment gave the journalist the opportunity to investigate the couple’s plans. “Are you getting married?” Don Francisco launched. “He gave me a ring just a little bit before Máximo got sick. Then came the two years of treatment and the move to the United States, which was so complex, ”she explained about the reasons why she had not yet passed through the altar.

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