China Reports Detecting Aliens, Then Deletes Report

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  • Do they hide information about ‘visitors from another planet’?
  • They release a report where they detect ‘alien life’ and then delete it
  • Scientist talks about ‘discovery’

China reports that they detect aliens: Alien life is still a topic that gives a lot to talk about, because from there we can get hundreds and hundreds of conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life. China was the country that gave something to talk about recently, because there was a report that talked about this issue, and that was later eliminated…

Much has been mentioned about information from beings from another world, in addition, there has also been speculation about different governments of the world that know well about this subject, however, they have kept it ‘secret’. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

Report on extraterrestrial signal published

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The New York Post reported that China’s science ministry said this week that it detected signs of alien life at the world’s largest radio telescope, then appeared to quickly remove a report about the discovery.

The country’s powerful Sky Eye telescope has detected electromagnetic signals from possible civilizations on other planets, according to a report published Tuesday in Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. “There were several cases of possible technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations from outside the earth,” the report read. Filed Under: China Reports Detecting Aliens

China Reports Detecting Aliens: Do They Repent and Delete It?

China reports they detect aliens
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The report also mentioned that the research team, led by Beijing Normal University, said the mysterious frequencies were unlike anything they had found before and were investigating further, the statement said.

Apparently, said writing had been removed from the newspaper’s website on Wednesday, even as the news began trending on the country’s popular social networking site Weibo, along with other media outlets, according to, all of this information, recapped thanks to the portal New York Post. Filed Under: China Reports Detecting Aliens

Scientist talks about the possible extraterrestrial signal

China reports they detect aliens
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Many have been questions of why after having published said statement, it was deleted. Zhang Ton Jie, chief scientist of the university’s extraterrestrial civilization search team, was quoted in the report as saying the signals could have been radio interference.

According to the source already mentioned above, the scientist from China, Zhang mentioned; “The possibility that the suspected signal is some kind of radio interference is also very high, and needs to be further confirmed and ruled out. This can be a long process.” The 500-meter, single-dish Sky Eye was launched in the southwestern province of Guizhou in September 2020 with the primary goal of detecting life on other planets. Filed Under: China Reports Detecting Aliens

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