Chiquis Rivera wears a latex minidress to celebrate Becky G

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Chiquis Rivera.

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

big surprise gave Chiquis Rivera her fans by showing off her figure in a tight black latex dress, posing very smiling next to the singer Becky Gwho for her part wore a minidress with button adornment in the central part.

The reason for such a meeting was due to the celebration of Becky adorning the cover of the most recent issue of the entertainment magazine. Variety; his main photographer is emilio sanchezwho attended the event accompanied by his girlfriend Chiquis and took the opportunity to pose together with the two successful artists.

Chiquis Rivera he seems tireless and never neglects his shows, in which he is promoting his new album Queen bee. The most recent concert was in Oroville, and she shared in Instagram a video in which he is seen minutes before going on stage, wearing a black jumpsuit full of transparencies that revealed that he was not wearing underwear.

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