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So, wow, playing Misty pays.
While she should frankly be worth millions for co-starring alongside an animated ghost in Casper, ’90s legend

Christina Ricci is, in fact, rich. Which isn’t super shocking considering she spent her childhood acting in iconic films like The Addams Family, Now and Then, and the aforementioned Casper, not to mention her adult years starring in hits like Sleepy Hollow, Black Snake Moan, Z: The Beginning of Everything, and most recently Yellowjackets and Wednesday.
Basically she has a knack for making amazing career choices, and as a result Christina Ricci’s total net worth is a reported $8 million. Not too shabby considering she doesn’t do that much in the way of brand endorsements, and Instagram spon-con isn’t exactly her thing.
Obviously, there’s not much information on how much money Christina made for the many, many, many roles she took on early in her career (going to take a leap of faith and hope/pray she was given at least $100 million for Casper), but let’s be honest: you came here with one question in mind….
Neither Netflix nor Showtime have released numbers on what they pay talent, but we do have some information. For starts, Celebrity Net Worth reports that Christina makes $125,000 "per episode." Per episode of what, you ask? It’s unclear because they don’t elaborate, but gonna assume that’s her going rate per project—which means she made $1,250,000 for 10 episodes of Yellowjackets and another $1,000,000 for 8 episodes of Wednesday. Meanwhile, Yellowjackets is about to drop its second season—and considering the first season was an enormous success, it wouldn’t be hugely surprising if Christina negotiated her contract for even more money.
Christina isn’t out here offering discount codes on Instagram, but she is currently the face of Warby Parker’s spring campaign, which seems like a pretty lucrative gig. She’s also done endorsements for Boss, Clarins, and Peninsula Hotels. TBD on her exact paychecks, though!
Christina divorced James Heerdegen back in 2020, a pretty expensive process that caused her to have to sell parts of her Chanel handbag and jewelry collection. Speaking to the Sunday Times Style, via CNBC, Christina said, “There are certain things that I have collected—certain bags. I had quite a Chanel handbag collection for a while, but I sold a lot of things."
She added that “certain traumas in life go along with financial traumas, extended court situations, custody situations [and] fighting restraining orders," but noted, “Having said that, I’m absolutely doing fine; there’s no issue. But I learned to use these investment pieces in different ways. I also had a Chanel fine jewelry collection that I put to good use."
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Christina sold a Los Angeles home she bought in Los Feliz for $1.4 million back in 2014. She also put her Brooklyn townhouse on the market for $2.4 million in 2022 (but the profits were split between her and her ex according to the terms of their divorce settlement).
Given all of this, we love to hear that Christina is fully thriving and starring in not one, but two of the most popular shows on television!!!!!!!!

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