‘Danger!’ Contestant returns after 50 years and dominates encore performance

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It took contestant Martha Bath only 50 years to get a second chance at becoming Danger! Champion, Wednesday. Retired CPA from Seattle originally appeared on Danger! In 1972, when it was hosted by Art Fleming.

“generally, Danger! Appearances are one for a customer,” said host Ken Jennings.

Fortunately the show made an exception in the case of Bath. Even when she wasn’t champion in 1972, she went home with a pretty decent consolation prize.

“I won $40 and a set of encyclopedias,” Bath said. “And I still have.”

The beginning of the bath on Wednesday was warm. He unearthed two daily doubles and cashed in massively in both. A short run back as he entered the finals, Jopardi placed his full bet of $15,400 and it paid off heavily.

“Martha Bath, it’s so much more than a set of encyclopedias,” Jennings said. “you’re a Danger! Champion with $30,800. Or, if we count 1972, $30,840.

Danger! is a syndicated program; meeting Khatra.com Or check your local listing for TV schedules.

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