Dave Chappelle Toasts ‘f*** Fantastic Human’ Bob Saget During Surprise Standup Set

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Dave Chappelle performs at Bob Saget’s beloved Scleroderma Research Foundation fundraising event. (Photo: Getty Images)

Bob SagetFriends, family and former co-stars turned out for a cause close to the actor’s heart on Wednesday night in Beverly Hills. Jimmy Kimmel, John Mayer and Jeff Ross step down to host “Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine” Scleroderma Research Foundationfundraising event led by full house Star for 30 years. Saget’s Sister Guy died of sclerodermaA rare and often fatal disease in 1994.

“These bookings have really improved a lot since Bob passed away,” Kimmel quipped on stage as the night began.

Regina Hall, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Norman Lear, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin, Joel McHale, Kevin Nealon, Seth Green and Howie Mandel were among the celebrity guests in attendance. The event, which was co-chaired by Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, also served as a tribute to the beloved comedian. Rizzo and Saget’s daughters were together at the event.

Kelly Rizzo and Lori Loughlin present

Kelly Rizzo and Lori Loughlin attend “Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine: A Tribute to Bob Saget” at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. (Photo: Getty Images)

“What’s so funny about tonight, the only thing that’s funny about it, is we have to show Bob that we wanted to do this,” Kimmel continued: “Everybody has to have a friend like Bob Saget. Tonight is a tribute but it’s also a celebration. … You didn’t really know Bob until you saw him hosting the Scleroderma Research Dinner. He was the true Bob Saget.”

After dinner and a live auction, the comedy portion of the night featured standup sets featuring Neylon, Mandel and surprise guests. Dave Chappelle, Saget and Chappelle had been friends for decades, since the former’s surprise cameo in 1998 immature, A memorable scene in the stoner comedy featured Saget less as the TV dad, and his close friends who knew him well.

Chappell took the stage after making sure everyone’s phones were switched off. He began to go through most of his current material, when he was attacked four months ago At the Hollywood Bowl. humor called out New York Post for for doing an interview With the man who slammed her to the ground. (Isaiah Lee told the newspaper that he “startingThe comedian’s jokes about the LGBTQ community and homelessness as he is bisexual.) Chappelle famously got laughs from the crowd, recalling how Chris Rock came out after the surprise moment and mocked assailant Will Smith.

But it was the end of Chappelle’s set that was touching. The comedian played a “final” message that Saget sent him months before the actor’s death. In the video, Saget congratulated Chappell with his achievements for “doing the impossible” and called him one of the “loveliest” and “most honest” people he had ever met.

Chappell said that he got this message at a time when he really needed to hear those things, calling Saget a “f***ing brilliant man.” The comedian said that it was clear that Saget was “in this room tonight.”

“This night is important to him and I will not miss it to the world,” Chappelle declared.

The evening culminated with a performance by Meyer, who was emotional throughout the event. He played some of “Bob’s favorite songs” – beginning with “Who Says” – accompanied by a very special guitar.

Meyer told the audience that he was playing the guitar sagat he used during his last show in Florida. Rizzo tracks it down, buys it and gifts it to Meyer. The singer said that it is one of his most prized possessions.

Saget was found dead in his Florida hotel room on January 9. The actor was in the middle of a comedy tour and had performed a gig hours earlier. Saget’s cause of death was the result of a blunt blow to his head. probably fell backwards alone in his hotel room, He was 65 years old.

In his last interview, Saget spoke proudly about his work with the Scleroderma Research Foundation. “I’ve done more than 30 years of profit and we’ve raised over $50 million,” he shared. “It’s one of my life’s chores.”

Scleroderma is a group of rare diseases that involve hardening and hardening of the skin. It can also cause problems with blood vessels, internal organs and the digestive system, according to Mayo Clinic, There’s no cure, but the Scleroderma Research Foundation is hoping to change that. Wednesday’s event raised more than $1 million Saget would clearly be proud of.

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