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Joseph Kime
23rd Dec 2022 11:25
The reveal that Death Stranding would be the subject of Hideo Kojima’s first bold leap into cinema wasn’t an entirely surprising one. The video game auteur has made it incredibly clear that his Norman Reedus-led baby-in-a-jar cross-country trek is, much like BB to Sam, his baby.
Kojima cares incredibly deeply for the bizarre, eerie, and glum world that he has created, and given how much fans love the game too, he’s certainly not the only one.
The news that the game would be adapted to film was a huge deal for Kojima’s leagues of super-fans. But, don’t expect it to be a big cinematic blockbuster.

Death Stranding Movie Won't Include Big Hollywood Actors

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It has been confirmed by Kojima himself, as Producer of the upcoming Death Stranding movie, that there was never any intent to make the film feel like a big blockbuster. Instead, it will take a more arthouse approach to filmmaking.
Speaking in an interview with IGN, Kojima has explained his hopes for the movie, and revealed that there was never any hope that the film would be much of a blockbuster.
“I was on video calls with lots of people in Hollywood every week beginning last year, and not just for Death Stranding,” he says. “I received a lot of offers, but my intention from the start was never to make a blockbuster film. Alex Lebovici from Hammerstone Studios shared my vision with regards to that.
“There were a lot of pitches to make a large-scale movie with famous actors and flashy explosions, but what good would explosions be in Death Stranding?“

It’s a typically Kojima response, as he continued: “Making money isn’t something I’m focused on at all, either. I’m aiming for a more arthouse approach, and the only person who offered to make a film like that was Alex Lebovici, which makes me think he’s a rather unusual type.”
The same interview also confirms that plot details are still being discussed, with there being a possibility that Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges might not be involved at all.
“We haven’t quite decided that yet,” Kojima said on the topic of the inclusion of Sam. “The failure of film adaptations of games from a while back has led to a lot of movies that cater to gamers, right? That’s why they have the same kind of look as a game. I don’t want the Death Stranding movie to be like that. Rather, I’m taking the approach of changing and evolving the world of Death Stranding in a way that suits film well.”
So, it sounds like the new Death Stranding movie isn’t going to be a direct adaptation of the game – and frankly, that makes for a much more compelling film. The world of Death Stranding has plenty of narrative opportunities – and it looks as though Kojima is more than ready to capitalise on that.
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