Democrats take advantage of abortion stumble in Republicans to take advantage in midterm elections

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The right to abortion divides opinions among political parties.

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the issue of abortion has become a banner for Democrats who defend reproductive health and they are in favor of women making the decision about their bodies, contrary to what happens with some conservative Republicans seeking to ban unrestricted abortion. This difference of opinion between both parties has made the Democratic candidates take a slight advantage for the midterm elections.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham introduced on September 13 the “Pain Capable Unborn Children Protection Act Against Late Abortions,” which nationwide bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy with very few restrictions.

This bill, which is expected to be approved, Several criticisms were added by Democrats as well as by the Republicans themselves that ensure that this decision should be entrusted to each state. Despite everything, the senator from South Carolina defends his bill, arguing that according to scientists the unborn You already feel pain from the 15th week of pregnancy.

They seek alternatives for access to reproductive medicine

On the other hand, since the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade, a right that women had since 1973, the president Joe Biden has signed two orders to be able to help women that require reproductive medical service.

Also, some Democratic candidates currently in the running have based their campaigns on support for abortion and solutions for access to doctors, managing to increase their approval among potential voters, as well as the growing popularity and acceptance of President Biden.

“For once, I think they are really doing it (the Democrats). On Capitol Hill, they’re not taking the bait for legislation like Lindsey Graham’s 15-week ban. They’re calling it a nationwide ban, and it is, instead of focusing on the details of the policy,” Democratic strategist Christy Setzer told Politico.

For his part, Republican strategist Doug Heye thinks that Republicans should not make abortion a central issue, since they should focus on inflation, crime and the borderto attract voters.

Democratic campaign against Republicans

As part of what they call a stumble as well, the Democratic Party found a way to discredit the Republican Party with voters with a ad campaign expounding the views of republicans regarding reproductive medicine. The ads are focused on eight Republicans who are in crucial districts where state their positions on abortion.

According to some statistics, the Democratic Party has spent an estimated $124 million on abortion-focused ads, which is more than double what the party spends on other issues.

Adding all this, the Democrats recover ground for the 2022 elections, according to a poll published by The New York Times, which indicates that the Democratic Party are benefiting from abortion care as well as lower gas prices and for his recent legislative successes.

They support whoever gives better options for abortion

It is important to note that Democrats were 22 points ahead of Republicans in a recent poll that asked the voters which party handles abortion issues better. Likewise, one of the main concerns of the population that was exposed in a statistic is the right to abortion.

The officials of the White House held a meeting on reproductive rights and were focused on efforts by state legislatures to protect reproductive health care.

While Republicans in some states have worked to pass extreme measures against abortion, as is the case in South Carolina, Indiana, Idaho, West Virginia, Texas, among others.

“For once, Democrats seem to understand that the public is not only with us on this issue, but that they are even more allergic to abortion bans than they were before Dobbs,” Setzer shared.

Although there are some Republican candidates who during their campaigns have tried to change their conservative stance on reproductive rights in order to gain voter acceptance.

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