Efficient Next-Gen PSUs

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ASUS released its latest collection of power supply units (PSUs) titled the TUF Gaming Gold PSUs. This lineup includes four products with varying wattages. These are the 750w, 850w, 1000w, and 1200w models, each of which boast full ATX 3.0 support. This means the devices are designed for, and fully compatible with, NVIDIA’s latest collection of RTX 40-series GPUs.

The TUF Gaming Gold PSUs have high efficiency ratings, leading to the ‘Gold’ in the title. Additionally, ASUS is offering 10-year warranties with each PSU, meaning they will last for several generations of PC components. For DIY PC builders, ASUS confirmed that the TUF Gaming Gold PSUs are fully modular, meaning only the cables required by the user’s PC components need to be inserted into the unit. This reduces clutter, incrementally improves temperature, and greatly improves aesthetics for the overall build.

Image Credit: ASUS

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