Halle Berry’s Boyfriend, Van Hunt Celebrates Her 56th Birthday: “I Love You More Than Everything I Got”

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Halle Berry, 56, posted a loving Instagram post from her boyfriend Van Hunt on his birthday. (Photo: Axel/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Halle Berry 56 is more splendid, and her lover van hunt The world wants to know this.

In a sweet Instagram post, singer-songwriter Hunt shared a series of photos and videos of Berry, who can be seen doing everything from wearing a short black wig to mugging for the camera with a fake mustache.

“Hi, baby. It’s your rise, and against your will I’m screaming it on top of mountains, and celebrating with the world the wonderful, loving, funny, and life-giving power of life,” said 52-year-old Hunt The photo, captioned and video series, emphasizes the letters “H” and “B” to mimic Berry’s initials. “(h)appy (b) birthday, boo. I love you more than everything I’ve got.”

Berry and Hunt have dated since 2020. in one interview with women’s HealthHe spoke openly about his relationship.

“I wish I could meet her sooner so that I could love her more,” explained Berry, who has been married three times and is the mother of two children. “I just feel complete. I’m happier in my life romantically, as a mother, as an artist. I’m a better mother in this situation than I would have been if I had lived in a romantic relationship that served me.” and didn’t make me feel what I needed to feel as a woman.”

Back in January, the couple’s friends and fans were fooled when Berry posted a photo of them kissing in a chapel. tropical escape New Year’s Weekend, Yahoo Entertainment previously reported.

“Okay… it’s official!” The Oscar winner captioned the shot, while the second slide showed him and Hunt saying “It’s 2022!” She is shown posing for a selfie with is written on it.

many people including Naomi Campbell, Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson And dwayne johnsonThe couple assumed they got married, and posted congratulatory comments for the two.

However, Berry and Hunt were quick to dispel the rumours, returning to Instagram the next day to confirm that their so-called wedding announcement was just a joke that didn’t really land.

“We were just having some New Year’s fun!” Berry caption A selfie of the two looking at the camera below. “People apparently don’t swipe as much as we thought they did. Thanks for the well wishes, it really touched our hearts! Now it’s official, the internet is no longer undefeated.”

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