History of Colorado Avalanche

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The Colorado Avalanche franchise debuted in the National Hockey League as the Quebec Nordics in 1979, leaving the World Hockey Federation, along with the Edmonton Oilers, Hartford Whalers and Winnipeg Jets. Nordic moved to Colorado and became an AVS in 1995.

Before they moved to Colorado, however, the Nordics were a bottom-feeding team from the 1987-88 season to the 1991-92 season. They were the worst team in the NHL, along with the No. 3 seed in the entry draft. 1 picks came. He chose Matt Sundin (1989), Owen Nolan (1990), and Eric Lindros (1991). Lindros was never friendly to Nordic, as the Flyers were traded to five players in 1992 due to a contract holding, rights to Swedish prospect Peter Forsberg, two first-round picks and $ 15 million.
He left the team after some financial difficulties and was sold to a Colorado-based investor. The deal became official on July 1, 1995, and 12,000 season tickets were sold in the first 37 days of the announced relocation to Denver. It was the second NHL franchise to play in Denver after the Colorado Rockies moved to the New Jersey Devils in 1982.

Avalanche was a major acquisition in their first season in Colorado when they acquired Patrick Roy from the Canadiens with Joslyn Thibault, Martin Ruchinsky and Mike Keane for Andrei Kovalenko. Roy helped lead the team to the Stanley Cup Final against the Florida Panthers, and made his Cup debut. AVS overtook the Panthers to win the Stanley Cup, and captain Joe Sakic won the Con Smith Trophy (18 goals, 34 points in the playoffs).

AVS enjoyed success in the regular season for the next few seasons, but did not win that second cup – until the 2000-01 season. He had the best season in franchise history, winning the Northwest Division and his second president’s trophy after finishing the season with 118 points.

He won Game 7 on home ice, beating defending champion Devils. In an emotional ceremony, Sakic accepted the cup with former Bruins great defenseman Ray Bourke, who ended his 22-year career with his first Stanley Cup.

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