How Lala Kent’s Life Changed When She Started Her Journey of Sobriety

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lala canto I will never forget the pain of losing my father.

In April 2019, Vanderpump Rules Star said goodbye to his father and shared on Instagram that his world “crashed.” As a way of recovering from the grief, Lala said that she started drinking non-stop from morning till night.

“That was how I was coping,” the Bravo star shared exclusively with E! news. “When I completely went on to binge because I believe it was three or four days straight, I just woke up with a feeling of being out of control, not knowing what I did, just guilt. And there was a shame and that was the moment I said I was taking my life back. I’m not going to live another day like this.”

Now, the 32-year-old is celebrating three years and 11 months of sobriety. she’s also marking national recovery month By sharing your story hoping to inspire those in need.

Earlier, Lala said that she would go out on the town for a night and would not be able to remember what happened the next day. But now, as a mother of 17 months OceanThe reality star says she is “present for every single moment” of life, including all of her daughter’s milestones.

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“The fact that my child will never see me in a changed state is amazing,” she said. “I have to sit here and just remember her hands or the first time we went to the barbecue and she came into the pool. I remember every detail.”


She also said that she is more cautious when she does films Vanderpump Rules, according to Praise Star, she takes a beat to listen and is not “so quick to go in”. Plus, if someone says something they don’t agree with, “I’m going to pop up.”

“I have this internal battle all the time because my line of work doesn’t represent my schedule,” she explained. “I’m going into this environment and I’m speaking my truth, but at the same time, I go into these rooms where it’s about being a better person. It’s a struggle.”

Over the past three years, Lala has stated that her past and present co-stars—including Stacy Schroder, Katie Maloney And shiana marieThere have been supporters of his restraint.

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“It’s nice when people take a step back and realize, ‘Wow! Lala goes into every moment without any fluids to calm her nerves,'” Lala shared. “I would say all three of them have been incredible since I started this journey.”

lala canto

Andrew Toth / Getty Images for the Brent Shapiro Foundation

Earlier this month, Stacy and Katie joined Lala as she was honored with Spirit of Sobriety Award From Brent Shapiro FoundationA non-profit organization whose mission is to save children’s lives through awareness and effective programs that encourage children to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

While she was honored for a special evening, Lala said the high school students working on their own sobriety deserve credit in the event.

“We all say that youth are our future,” she said. “I really look at them differently, especially since becoming a mom. I don’t know any other foundation that exists that does the Brent Shapiro Foundation.”

lala canto


Perhaps the youngest member, Lala, hopes to make an impression on her daughter. As Ocean grows into a young girl, her mother hopes she learns that women have all the power in the world.

“If you want something, you can certainly have it,” she said, recalling the advice she passes on. “This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I hope that when she grows up, she’ll see that she can do anything in the whole world.”

And when Lala begins to think about what her father will say about her progress, she can do nothing but shine a light.

“I know he’s just smiling there,” she said. “Even though I miss him dearly, he is there working for me. The blessings that have come to my life since my dad’s passing, I will say thank him many times.”

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