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Michael Jackson is still one of the most popular artists worldwide
Michael Jackson is one of the most successful stories in music history.
When he was 13, he decided to go on a solo career after being part of The Jacksons 5.
His first solo album, Got to Be There, sold more than four million copies in 1971.
Since then, Michael Jackson became the king of pop. Despite multiple scandals, Jackson’s music prevailed even after his death.
According to Forbes, Michael Jackson is the deceased artist and celebrity with more revenue in the world.
Jackson prevails as the number one passed artist since years ago.
After he died in 2009, Michael Jackson spent 11 years on top.
Elizabeth Taylor, former Michael Jackson’s friend, surpassed the king of pop in 2012. However, Jackson remains the champion.
Since 2009, Michael Jackson generated $2.27 billion.
The Jackson family authorizes multiple homages in his name worldwide.
Besides live events, Jackson has more than 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify.
-2020: $48 millon
-2019: $60 millon
-2018: $400 millon
-2017: 75 millon
-2016: $825 millon
-2015: $115 millon
-2014: $140 millon
-2013 : $160 millon
-2012: Elizabeth Taylor surpasses Jackson with $210 millon in revenue
-2011: $170 millon
-2010: $275 millon
The deceased artist tailing Michael Jackson in revenue is Elvis Presley.
According to Forbes, Jackson has the undisputed number one place in the count.
However, Forbes includes all kinds of celebrities on the list.
Dr. Seuss is the second celebrity who registers more revenue around the world. The writer and cartoonist has a revenue of $33 million.
Charles M. Schulz, creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy keeps the third position. Schultz generated 32,5 million between 2019 and 2020.
Former golfer Arnold Palmer has the fourth spot with a $25 million fortune.
In fifth place is the artist who tails Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley.
Elvis died more than four decades ago and still has a large market that grants him $23 million.
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