“I bought my house legally”, answers Rubén Cerda after being ‘defrauded’ by Sergio Sendel

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The novel by the lots and by the houses that Serge Sendel would have appropriated badly after presumably abusing the trust of the deceased Bertha Martínez, mother of Sergio Reynoso and Sylvia de Rugamapromises to continue giving a lot to talk about, because until now it has not been clarified what will happen to those properties located in the mountainous area of ​​Ajusco, south of Mexico City.

Among those indirectly affected by Sendel is the actor Ruben Cerdawho in 2014 opened his wallet to buy the residence that in the past belonged to María Elena Saldaña, the famous ‘Güereja’without imagining that he had been the victim of a supposed fraud, because he did everything according to the law.

“This house was bought by María Elena Saldaña and she sold it to me, that is what happened. I can only tell you that I acted in good faith, I bought this house, it is paid for, it is liquidated and all the documentation is under the protection of a notary”, Rubén Cerda commented in a conversation broadcast on Friday by the program ‘Gossip No Like’.

In the same talk, he categorically denied that he has contemplated suing Sergio Sendel, assuring that this corresponds to others and not to him, since he did not make any deal with the villain of the soap operas.

“I have nothing to do with Mr. Sendel. Whether Mr. Sendel did it or not, I am not sure either, because they are already saying that I am suing Mr. Sergio Sendel and it is not true”, he continued.

Before ending the interview, the famous “Gordonio” from the comedy show “Cero en Conducta” reiterated that he acted in good faith and therefore will defend the house he bought for himself and his family.

“Since 2014 I have lived in this house. This is my family’s house. I have owned and owned this house ever since. I did it peacefully and with good will, that’s the only thing I can tell you,” Cerda concluded.

Below we share the video of the complete interview with Rubén Cerda. You can see it from minute 1:18:00.

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