Ingrid Coronado responds to the widow of Fernando del Solar

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Fernando del Solar with Anna Ferro / Mexico Agency

A few days after Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, assured that a day after the presenter’s father died, Ingrid sued him, asking for more money for her children, now it is the driver who has replied to these statements.

Through a letter revealed on the show windowingCoronado denies having sued the father of his descendants, and in contrast, points out that Del Solar filed for divorce in 2016, which is still pending resolution and therefore last May the judge in the case ordered a socioeconomic study of both parties, making it clear that this process is not recent.

Because Anna said that Fer did not agree with paying her children’s school because the tuition is equivalent to that of a university, Ingrid replied that the judicial authority established and quantified said obligations according to the economic possibilities of the children. food debtors, and always in attention to the best interests of minors.

In the document, who was the head of Venga la Alegría, also mentions that the pensions of his two children have not been fully covered for more than a year, emphasizing that these obligations subsist even after the death of one of the debtors and his Non-compliance constitutes an illegal act and even a crime.

Fernando del Solar / Mexico Agency
Fernando del Solar / Mexico Agency

Finally, Coronado also corrected Ferro when she declared to the magazine Hello! that: ‘when I met him, she had put a property to each one of her children, in case it ever went missing. The boys’ mother collected the rent from these houses to support the children’”.

As the presenter writes, the properties were paid for by both Fer and her, and she states: “each of us managed each of my children’s apartments, collecting the corresponding rent until they were of legal age, as part of the procedure initiated more than 8 years ago”.

It should be noted that the broadcast of TV Azteca shows also showed the documents that would prove that Ingrid Coronado’s version is true, since Del Solar sued the mother of his children to ask for a divorce, and even the payment of alimony for him. (30% of Ingrid’s income), because he was unemployed due to his health problem, he also asked the driver to take care of the total support of the children, including medical expenses, school education, clothing, footwear and partition of the goods they acquired together.

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