Johnny Knoxville Used Taser Gun To Punish ‘Jackass’ Teammates On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

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Feather celebrity family feud Season Finale Thursday, Cast jacks forever, led by creators Johnny Knoxville And Jeff Tremaine countered it. As you can imagine, the entire episode was full of laughs. However, it was also fraught with some penalties for wrong answers.

When Dave England replied “number two” to the sign: “Tell me something you hate to happen when you love in an airplane bathroom,” Knoxville quickly and unexpectedly, went to England and corrected her. way pierced chest. The unexpected blow was so shocking to England that his body actually fell to the ground at least four feet below. “I’m sorry, Steve, but it was a terrible answer,” Knoxville said.

host Steve Harvey He couldn’t believe what he saw and he shouted, “He sucked his ass!”

“We have to work hard, team,” Knoxville simply said. And later in the game, Danger Ehren even gave a reply that Knoxville thought was “stupid”, so he zaps too. Ehren’s reaction was not as strong as that of England, perhaps because he was anticipating the Taser, as he shared, “I don’t know, I can’t think straight. I’m passing out!”

but was not limited to tasting right now his companions. In fact, when Knoxville himself gave the wrong answer, he took out the Taser and shocked his own body.

Viewers were loving the utter chaos of the entire episode. donkey cast and even took to social media to describe it as one of his favorite episodes of all time.

Meanwhile, Harvey still couldn’t believe that Knoxville would go to such offensive lengths to punish his team, as he told donkey Star: “You know, when your partner answers, you should go, ‘Good answer. Good answer.’ You shouldn’t punish him by chewing on his ass.”

“It was an awfully terrible answer in my defense though,” Knoxville explained.

celebrity family feud The season finale airs Thursday, September 22 abc,

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