Lyn May assures that the intimate scenes she recorded with Andrés García were real

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About to turn seven decades of life, Lyn May uncovered “Pandora’s Box” and from it emerged a burning revelation about the intimate scenes that she once recorded with the Dominican heartthrob Andrés García.

During an intervention made by the vedette in the television program “La Mesa Caliente” she left more than one with a square eye when she signed that she made the most of the moment when she had to film the movie “Chile Picante”, in 1983.

“Everything was real. It’s that there are some that say, ‘Oh, you don’t feel anything’ and that the scrubbing, you feel everything. If you have an Andrés García there, who is on top of you, well he listens, take advantage of it. When you are going to do a sex scene, well you have to do it, the director tells you, ‘I want the scene as it is’”, pointed out regarding the indications that René Cardona Jr. gave him at the time.

The vedette with Asian features who, thanks to her exuberant physique, captured the spotlight of the main entertainment sections during her youth, She recognized that Andrés García took her to the limit of her emotions during the days when they had to act in racy scenes.

I used to get horny with him in the movie that no, everything stopped, even my eyelashesand with me he behaved very nice, very nice, respectful, he was a gentleman since I knew him, “he recalled.

In this regard, last year, during the program “The minute that changed my destiny”, The Dominican heartthrob living in Mexico recognized that both he and Lyn May came to feel a strong attraction, but that did not transcend further.

We were attracted to each other, but it turned out that I was with his sister, a very pretty young woman, she was an impressively beautiful star. I didn’t want to lose this one, because women talk about everything and throw themselves in each other’s faces. So, I stepped aside, I resisted the desire because the sister was better at that time”, he mentioned.

Lyn May also took the opportunity to clarify that the scenes recorded with the Argentine Julián Gil for the movie “Cerdo” were not acted either, Well, she is a professional who gives her best so that this is transmitted on the screen to the public.

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