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As Matt Bomer’s star continues to rise, let’s look at his best movies and TV shows, from The Normal Heart to White Collar.
Matt Bomer joins other major actors whose earliest roles were in soap operas, like Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt. He first appeared in All My Children in 2000, and joined the cast of Guiding Light the following year, propelling him to wider recognition. From there, Bomer quickly found work on the big screen, with some of his earliest films including Flightplan and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. It would, of course, be on the small screen that the actor would first make his mark on the industry, when he was cast in White Collar.
Since appearing on the police procedural drama on USA Network, Bomer gained wider recognition for his frequent collaborations with Ryan Murphy: American Horror Story: Hotel; The Normal Heart; and The Boys in the Band. This year, he was named on IndieWire's list of "out LGBTQ+ performers changing the face of Hollywood." In fact, Bomer has multiple queer projects in the works, including Bradley Cooper's Maestro and a TV series opposite Jonathan Bailey (via OUT). Until then, here are his best movies and TV shows, ranked.
The Boys in the Band is a 2020 Netflix drama film directed by Joe Mantello, based on the 1968 play of the same name by Matt Crowley. Produced by Ryan Murphy, the film centers around a group of gay men in 1968 in New York City. It features an ensemble cast of openly-gay actors, including: Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, Andrew Rannells, Charlie Carver, Robin de Jesús, Brian Hutchison, Michael Benjamin Washington, and Tuc Watkins. Bomer stars as Donald, who moves away from the city to reject his so-called “homosexual lifestyle.” It’s a good film with important subject matter and grants representation to queer voices and artists.
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White Collar is the role that was solely responsible for boosting Bomer’s star status to the highest level of his career — at that point, at least. The USA Network series was conceived around Catch Me If You Can, the popular Steven Spielberg film, and showcases the lives of FBI agents who are chasing a conman. Matt Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, and it’s one of the most recognizable performances of his filmography. Caffrey works his way into becoming an FBI consultant, working with the law enforcement while planning his own escape. The series was very popular and opened up a multitude of opportunities for Bomer.
The Magnificent Seven is a 2016 Western film directed by Antoine Fuqua, effectively serving as a remake of the 1960 film of the same name, which itself was actually an adaptation of the 1954 film, Seven Samurai, from the legendary Akira Kurosawa. The film has an ensemble cast that includes: Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, Lee Byung-hun, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Martin Sensmeier, Peter Sarsgaard, and Haley Bennett. The Magnificent Seven was a moderate success, and the cast's performances were praised in particular. Bomer has a smaller role as Matthew Cullen, but shines when he is on-screen. More significantly, this was a new space for the actor to play in and for fans to enjoy.
American Horror Story has been airing since 2011, and is an anthology series that has developed a cult following over the years. The Ryan Murphy show takes place in a different setting each season, with actors playing different characters who sometimes link to those in future or previous seasons. Bomer first appeared as a guest star in Freak Show, however, he was upgraded to the main cast in Hotel, playing Donovan opposite stars like Lady Gaga, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates. This season was undeniably his best performance.
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In Doom Patrol, Bomer plays a gay superhero known as Negative Man. The HBO Max series was created by Jeremy Carverm, who was behind the creation of Supernatural, and revolves around a group of men and women who have developed superpowers after experiencing tragedies. Bomer plays Larry Trainor, doubling as Negative Man, and delivers an excellent performance that continues to break barriers, particularly in a hyper-heterosexual genre like superheroes..
Released in 2014, The Normal Heart showcases Bomer’s most heart-breaking — and arguably best — performance to date. In this movie, he plays Felix turner, a New York Times fashion journalist who is the lover of Ned Weeks, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. The film depicts the emotional and political chaos surrounding the emergence of HIV/AIDS in 1980s New York, and the panic that resulted in the seclusion and neglect of queer people. Bomer gives a beautiful performance as Turner, whose life is transformed by the disease. It earned him a Golden Globe for his role, as well as a Primetime Emmy nomination.
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