Mississippi woman almost died during an orgasm, had an injury to her main artery

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He explained that when he was in private he felt an intense burst in his chest.

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Death is the end of life, so few like to talk about it, unless they are on the verge of collapse, as happened to him to a woman from mississippi that while experiencing a sexual orgasm he had an injury in his main artery that almost took his life.

The 45-year-old female who preferred to remain anonymous explained that when she was in private she felt an intense burst in her chest.

In addition, he said that years ago he was diagnosed with a aortic intramural hematomaa condition that mostly affects men between 60 and 70 years old.

According to the American Journal of Case Reports, the woman showed up at the hospital with a leak in your aorta because of the “stress” of sex. In the three days that she was hospitalized, she was given medication for chronic hypertension.

“The risk of sudden cardiac death during sexual intercourse is correlated with adultery, which could be causing an intensified or unexpected emotional response that makes a person more predisposed to SAA or sudden cardiac death. Physiological parameters of respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure increase with sexual intercourse, in correlation with exercise,” the specialists said in a report.

Inside of the aortic intramural hematoma the symptoms are similar to those of the diseases cardiac, so diagnosing this condition is complicated. Activities that represent a great effort often make it difficult for those who have it.

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