Monkeypox: These are the recommendations to avoid getting infected in sexual relations

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Currently more than 7 thousand cases are registered in the country, according to health authorities.

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The government of USA declared this Thursday a national public health emergency due to the outbreak of monkey pox.

Once more than 7 thousand cases are registered in the country, Xavier BecerraSecretary of Health, indicated the decision will allow the federal government to allocate more funds to deal with the wave of infections.

“We encourage all Americans to take monkeypox seriously and take responsibility to help us deal with this virus,” he told the media.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about whether it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse before the outbreak that was detected for the first time in this wave in Africa.

For this reason, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a guide about how people can have sex safer, if they think they have recently been exposed to monkeypox.

And it is that the best solution according to the health authorities is not to expose yourself to the infectious soresinjuries and bodily fluids during the face to face contactif a contagion is suspected.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pointed out that having multiple sexual partners can increase the chances of exposure to seismic pox, so expose these spots if you don’t want to lose privacy.

  • To have virtual sex no contact in person
  • Masturbate together at a distance of more than a meter and a half, without touching
  • Consider being intimate with clothes on o covering areas where there is a rash, reducing skin-to-skin contact as much as possible (condoms alone are not enough to prevent monkeypox if there are skin lesions)
  • Avoid the Kisses
  • seek the hygiene on the body, clothing and accessories after having sex

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