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MYSTIC Meg is back with her Zodiac predictions, helping you to navigate your way through life's ups and downs.
Brits can read our resident astrologer's take on what to expect today, – and the next seven days – on everything from health and wealth to love, sex and success.
Horoscope readings based on your zodiac sign can act as a cosmic compass to help you navigate your inner world and the world around you.
You can use our series of guides to find out everything from which star sign to hook up with for the steamiest sex to what it’s like to live your life totally by your horoscope.
Whichever of the 12 star signs you are, find out what life may possibly have in store for you.
Read our Mystic Meg Zodiac signs blog...
Christmas Day rolls around again this Sunday and that means a bumper festive edition of Mystic Meg's weekly horoscopes!
Aside from the usual Turkey, booze and presents, our resident astrologer may reveal something very special to top off your festive season.
We'll be back on Sunday with your festive predictions in the run-up to the New Year.
"This is a positive home and family day, as the sun lights your domestic zone and inspires energy to start renegotiating some terms of living that have fallen out of date.
"Who does what is important at home, but so is emotional balance. 
"As for passion, bump into The One just steps from your front door."
Here is what the horoscope expert had to say:
"There’s a freshness to your imagination that finds a perfect audience – and laughter can be a factor.
"Talk or write about your unique way of seeing the world.
"In love, the smallest touches mean the most – take care to notice subtle changes in a partner.
"Single? Flashing headwear can be your love clue."
Mystic Meg has revealed all once again.
She said: "This is a day for work challenges, as you see the role you are made for.
"Perhaps it currently  belongs to someone else, but you have the talent needed to claim it sooner than everyone thinks.
"A fitness gift is unexpected, but can be a perfect fit. Passion can hit as a clock strikes six."
Here's what Mystic Meg had to say: "Star focus falls on your chart of drawing, and keeping, all kinds of people together – everyone from a married couple to a worldwide work team.
"The one thing they all share is your calm kindness, helping everyone gel.
"So celebrate this. Luck writes your name, or your date of birth, in reverse."
Mystic Meg said: "Your sector of physical and mental transformation is vibrant and you can find so many ways to set this to work.
"From a style rebrand to a home reorganisation, your bright ideas stand out.
"This time a change can be for keeps.
"A date that keeps being rearranged is well worth keeping, too. Luck gives a thumbs up."
Mystic Meg revealed: "You have a natural gift for picking up facts and absorbing figures – and bringing them out at the right time.
"So don’t hold back from putting this to the test.
"If you are in love, you may feel a distance between partners starting, but you have the skills to close any gap.
"Single? A world traveller can be your key catch."
Mystic Meg said: "The sun heads for the top of your chart and you can feel the difference in the scale of your ambitions.
"You are going the extra mile – and one more just to make sure.
"Everyone around you can sense this shift in your confidence.
"Love-wise, too, you can ask for so much more – and this time, expect to get it. "
If you are a Taurus, then you share a star sign with a number of star-studded celebs.
From sensational singers to showbiz stars – here’s a look at the famous faces you share a sign with.
With the arrival of colder weather and winter months, many are looking ahead and dreaming of sunnier times.
If you’re one of them people then you may already be planning how to spruce up your garden, ready for those sunnier summer months.
What if we told you that can match your garden with your zodiac sign to create the perfect outdoor space.
The experts at Clear It Waste Collection have discovered just which garden design will be perfect for you, according to your zodiac sign.
If you’re a Pisces then you share a sign with a number of famous faces.
Here’s a look at the star-studded celebs who share the water sign and balance fame with emotion, imagination, and creativity. 
Finding out whether you are a fixed, mutable or cardinal sign can help you make sense of why your energy is so different from your colleagues or why, for instance, you could be scared of commitment.
Here’s a look at which of the above your star sign is.
You can find out more here.
The outgoing and adventurous nature of the Sagittarius draws them to jobs that allow their personality and creativity to flourish.
There are a total of eight animal symbols in the zodiac, each one a reflection of the sign it represents.
If you’ve ever wondered what animal you’re similar to, the answer could be revealed by your star sign.
Let’s take a look at which animals go with which sign.
Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo and Libra – you are the only four signs that aren’t represented by an animal, but that doesn’t make you any less special.
Your Moon sign holds the key to understanding your emotions and deeper nature.
So, what’s yours?
Because of the moon’s rotation around Earth, you need to know the location of your birth to discover your lunar chart placement.
The moon moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting each sign for about two and a half days.
Here’s how to calculate your Moon sign:
According to the FBI, Cancerians are the most dangerous criminals of all of the zodiac signs.
They can be extremely violent and are the most arrested out of the zodiac circle.
But interestingly, research then examined the horoscopes of serial killers and found none were Cancer.
Astrologers around the world celebrate their love of the stars on March 20 which is considered the start of the astrological year.
Former president of the International Society of Astrological Research Gisele Terry told Astrology Hub: “Astrology is truly a global language.
“We are all under the same sky.
“Sharing both our common and diverse perspectives on how we relate to the stars is the gift of International Astrology Day.”
It’s nearly time for Capricorn season – and a number of celebs will be celebrating it too.
Here are just some of the star-studded celebs who share the zodiac sign.
For a Gemini, variety is the spice of life and a repetitive job is not for you.
You're suited to a busy office where it's all systems go, multitasking and doing it quickly and efficiently and you cope well with things being thrown at you.
Being part of a team is where you thrive and you love working with people. While management could suit you, the pressure of being a top dog is not something you'd like.
Jobs that suit: Journalist or an accountant
Find out more about each of the signs here.
It takes a Scorpio a long time to fall in love. They only fall for people after building trust. A Scorpio tends to romantically align with five zodiac signs that they can commit to for a lifetime.

According to astrologer Clarisse Monahan, the top five zodiac signs compatible with a Scorpio are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces.
If you are a Taurus, then you share a star sign with a number of star-studded celebs.
From sensational singers to showbiz stars – here's a look at the famous faces you share a sign with.
Leos are known to be attention seekers.
Because of their want for the limelight, they are more likely to commit a crime for the recognition of it – but they are usually less violent ones.
They often mingle with criminals too for fame.
Each house represents a different aspect of life, from romance to career, and every planet in your chart is nestled in both a sign and a house.
These two placements highlight how a planet’s influence can affect your life.
Now even we’re getting a bit confused with all of this, but according to wellandgood a good place to start is to find out which house your sun sign is in.
To do this, just put your birth time, place, and location into a natal chart, like this one online, and scroll down to the description of your sun sign. There, you’ll find out what house it’s in.
Looking to find out what birthstone corresponds with your zodiac sign?
Well, look no further, here is a handy list for you to follow.
The Pisces symbol, or glyph, is designed to depict two fish swimming in opposite directions.
The glyph is the Pisces horoscope symbol as well as the character that represents this zodiac sign and the mythology behind it.
The imagery of the two fish swimming away from each other represents the dreamy Pisces’ constant division behind fantasy and reality.
Key Pisces traits are healing, dreams, imagination, romance, self-delusion, karma and the arts.

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