NFL player was arrested for criminal speeding: what do you mean?

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Traffic laws are full of rules, procedures and penalties for each type of offense. A ticket for parking in the wrong way, for skipping the traffic light or turning where it should not be usually the most common in the United States, or at least the most popular.

Nevertheless, “criminal speed” is not on that list. So, what does this type of infraction refer to behind the wheel and what consequences does it entail?

Precisely, a player from the National Football League (NFL) has been arrested for this infraction. This is Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, who has been captured in Arizona on this charge.

Normally we know about speeding tickets and arrests, but the adjective “criminal” makes the situation look more serious than it seems.

Depending on the state of the United States where the violation is committed, the speed limit for incurring a violation will vary. In this case, Criminal speeding in Arizona is governed by three principles: driving over 85 mph, driving 20 mph over the posted speed, or traveling 35 mph in a school zone.

Penalties can range from a fine, 30 days in jail, and even probation. Now, in the case of the NFL player, police reports indicate that he was traveling at 126 mph in a 65 mph zone along state route 101, according to 12News.

In detail about Brown’s situation is that in Arizona there are no fines for speeding, so in theory the sanction he receives would be more severe than a blow to the pocket. The 2022-2023 NFL season begins on September 8, and given the situation of the wide receiver, his debut with the team is uncertain.

Precisely, the Arizona Cardinals issued a statement where they claim to be aware of the situation. “We are aware of the situation regarding Hollywood Brown and have reported it to the NFL office as required.”

Finally, behind the player’s mistake there is a positive factor: he has no criminal record, which will probably dictate a light sentence with a warning about incurring traffic violations again.

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