Olivia Wilde Claims Harry Styles Didn’t Spit On Chris Pine: ‘People Will Look For Drama Anywhere’

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Olivia Wilde got included in Late Show with Stephen Colbert, On Wednesday for the promotion of his new film don’t worry darling, in which he starred and directed. But, of course, Wilde was also forced to address outrageous story He Harry Styles spit on Chris Pineboth of whom also starred in the film Venice Film Festival earlier this month. Pine’s reps have already done denied that the incident happened, described it as a ridiculous story and completely concocted. And Wilde was also adamant that the rumors were false.

“People will look for drama anywhere,” Wilde said. “Harry didn’t spit on Chris.” “Time will tell” Colbert “No,” replied Wilde, “he really didn’t.”

Wilde pointed to a Video Regarding the alleged incident that circulated online as evidence that Styles didn’t spit on Pine, and people are watching what they want to see.

“Though that’s what I meant,” said Wilde. “People can watch a video that shows evidence of someone spitting on someone else, and they’ll still see what they want to see. And that’s the creation of drama, and that’s clickbait.”

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