O’Rourke wins voter support after Abbott’s actions

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Beto O’Rourke, his popularity is on the rise and he is starting to rise in the polls.

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Beth O’Rourke, the candidate for governor of Texas, has slowly been gaining support from voters that they are satisfied with the proposals that he presents during his campaigns and the reproaches against the current governor Greg Abbott, whom he criticized for moving a truck with immigrants to another city, which he described as “cruel and unkind.”

Candidate O’Rourke was not going to let pass his opinion regarding the immigration policy carried out by the Republican governor, by sending a truck with immigrantsmostly Venezuelans to the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris.

After recovering from an illness, O’Rourke appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” where he said that Abbott’s action harms not only immigrants but also Texans and Customs and Enforcement agents. US Border Protection

Instead of these stunts, which are so cruel and unkind, not only with the migrants but with those of us who live in Texas, the Border Patrol agents who we put on the back of this whole immigration system that is so bad,What if we had a Texas-based guest worker program instead?” Said the Democrat.

O’Rourke shared that among his proposals There is the reduction of waiting for foreigners who want to reunite with their family in the US but it is a very long process: “Immigration laws should be rewritten to follow the values ​​of the country.”

“We say: ‘If you want to come to this country, you must follow our laws, but our laws will follow our values.’ I want Texas to lead on that,” O’Rourke added.

Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis from Florida and Doug Ducey from Arizona they have sent thousands of migrants to various northern cities in recent months to demonstrate the failed federal immigration policies of the current administration.

The Governor of Florida sent two planes with immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard to which he allegedly promised them that they would find work there. The Republican has already been sued by immigrants for wanting to use them for his policies and above all for deceiving them.

The Democrat also spoke about the shootings in Texas and nothing was done to try to save the victims, expressed his annoyance regarding the ban on abortion in the stateamong other topics.

Although the polls continue to favor Greg Abbot to win a second term as governor of the state, the difference with Beto O’Rourke is less and less. A recent poll by the University of Houston-Texas Southern University showed Abbott leading O’Rourke by just seven points, 49% to the Democrat’s 42%.

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