Renata Notni’s 5 bikinis that drew sighs on Instagram

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Renata Notni He has consolidated his acting career in Mexico, but also in several countries around the world.Well, under his sleeve he has melodramas such as “Amorcito corazón”, “I want to love you”, “Amor de barrio” and of course, the popular Netflix series, “Revenge de las Juanas”.

Despite her great talent, the actress has also conquered the hearts of the public thanks to her beauty, so cHe has more than 5 million followers on Instagramwho do not miss any publication of the famous.

Through her profile, Renata Notni does not limit herself to publishing content related to her professional projects, as she also ventures to share postcards from her private life, within which highlights travel, outings with friends and family, as well as beauty and fashion content.

For that reason we share some of the images that the actress has published on Instagram and have swept the platform.

golden hour

With a smile on her face, the 27-year-old posed for the camera lens clad in a multicolored bikini that complemented the tan tone of her skin. To complete her outfit, she could not miss a discreet piece of jewelry that also accentuated her waist.

Calm and tropical

Renata Notni delighted the eyes of her millions of followers by publishing a postcard in which was seen with a tiny patterned bikini and wide-brimmed hat that framed his head.

Defiant look

Renata Notni drew sighs with a postcard in which, from a yacht, he showed off his flat stomach and seductive look. The chosen outfit was a two-piece white swimsuit that she accompanied with a red scarf.

Vitamin Sea

“Precious”, “Forever my favorite”, “Like a goddess”, “Great body”, “Beautiful”, “More and more beautiful”and “Fiu fiu la más linda”, are some of the comments that the actress received under the publication in which she shared a taste of her day at the beach.

lost in paradise

Renata Notni has been characterized by making her followers participate in her day to day life; this includes letting them in on activities she does during her free time. Such was the case of that postcard in which she showed the paradisiacal destination to which she traveled to take a “dip”.

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