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If you “enjoy” spiraling into fits of jealousy, that is.

Ryan Reynolds has transitioned from a regular rich celebrity into a person who’s wealthy enough to buy an entire soccer team and cosplay as Ted Lasso, so the time has obviously come to dig into this man’s finances. The results of our investigation? He has more money than I, for one, am emotionally prepared to count up to. But nevertheless we persisted, so behold: a breakdown of how Ryan Reynolds made so much money and what he’s spending it on.
^ Me looking for my millions.
He has been acting forever (Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, anyone?) but everything changed after the monumental success of Deadpool. Since then, Celebrity Net Worth reports that our dude has been getting at least $20 million per movie, and he had a particularly major payday for 6 Underground, a Michael Bay film I didn’t realize existed, which apparently paid Ryan $27 million.
But that’s not even his personal best. Forbes reports that Apple TV+ paid more than $30 million (!!) for Ryan to star in their A Christmas Carol retelling, Spirited—though to be fair Variety then claimed the amount was actually $20 million. Whatever, though. Either way this man made $20-30 million more than the rest of us.
According to Forbes, $48.5 million of that total came from Netflix’s 6 Underground and Red Notice. (The latter of which was frankly worth every penny.)

Awkward times for Green Lantern and his flop era, but Ryan made wayyyyy more money playing Deadpool. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he was paid "just" $2 million upfront for the movie but had a big share of backend points and took home $22 million as a result. And then, of course, Ryan earned even more for Deadpool 2, by which I mean a rumored $20 to $40 million. Life is….not fair.
Unlike most other celebs who lives in L.A., Blake and Ryan have settled down in upstate New York, where they live in a giant $6 million estate not that far from Martha Stewart. Here’s a peek at the inside:
Let’s see, first we have Aviation Gin, which Ryan owns a stake in. It’s unclear how big his stake is, but the company was recently sold for $610 million and Ryan got a big slice of that pie. He also co-founded Maximum Effort Productions and Maximum Effort Marketing, which was responsible for that viral post-Mr. Big’s death Pelaton ad.
On top of all that, he has a stake in Mint Mobile, and let’s not forget about his new soccer team—which cost him and Rob McElhenney £2 million, according to BBC. And speaking of sports, apparently Ryan’s also interested in buying the Ottawa Senators. One can never own enough teams, I guess!
According to Celebrity Net Worth, $150 million, clearly from a combination of a huge per-movie earnings and smart investments in an array of diverse industries—from spirits, to marketing, to soccer. Must be nice when everything you touch turns to gold!
Mehera Bonner is a celebrity and entertainment news writer who enjoys Bravo and Antiques Roadshow with equal enthusiasm, She was previously entertainment editor at Marie Claire and has covered pop culture for over a decade. 

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