Son Niurka reacts to his mother’s romance with Juan Vidal: Emilio Osorio

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  • Niurka’s son reacts to his mother’s romance with Juan Vidal.
  • Emilio Osorio reveals how his mother is after his relationship with the actor.
  • The professional career of Niurka’s son is growing and full of success.

Son Niurka reacts romance. Niurka has earned everyone’s attention after his participation in La Casa de los Famosos, because as ‘the woman scandal’ that it is, managed to put Telemundo’s reality show in a dubious position, where his passionate romance with Cynthia Klitbo’s ex arose, now one of his children reacts to said relationship.

From the moment he revealed for a TV show shows who had been intimate with Vidal, the Cuban vedette made it very clear that she would be looking forward to it when it was time for her to leave La Casa de los Famosos, something that we were able to witness days past through the social networkswhich is why one of Niurka’s children was questioned by the media about his mother’s romance with the actor.

The romance between Niurka and Juan Vidal is one of the most controversial

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The romance between Niurka and Juan Vidal has positioned itself at the center of the controversy since it began. Well, both celebrities let Cynthia Klitbo go with everything after the actress accused him of having psychologically abused her and of having borrowed money from her.

Causing the controversy to further fuel said romance between the former participants of La Casa de los Famosos, to this great scandal is added the reaction of one of the children of the Cuban vedette after being questioned about the relationship that Niurka Marcos maintains with Juan Vidal .

Niurka Marcos’s son reacts to his mother’s romance

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It was through the program ‘First Hand’ broadcast by Imagen Tv that they made known what Emilio Osorio, the youngest son of Niurka Marcos, thinks about the controversial courtship that the Cuban-born star has with Juan Vidal, showing a little hasty was that he gave an answer.

“Always happy, always in love. My mother is like that. If they already know her, why are they inviting her?” were the short words that Emilio Osorio offered for the program ‘First Hand’, “I’m going to do a program because they’re hurrying me, camera, thank you very much,” he immediately mentioned, withdrawing from the cameras . Filed Under: Son Niurka reacts romance.

Emilio Osorio has been the only one to speak out about his mother’s relationship with Juan Vidal

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It should be noted that so far it has been Niurka’s only son who has been asked how he has taken the relationship that the Cuban woman has with the soap opera actor, although his answer was the most cutting, he left between seeing that his mom is completely in love.

It is not a secret that from the beginning the Cuban vedette was seen as happy, even during a broadcast of the same program they had the opportunity to interview her, it was there that she shared the beginning of her romance as well as the moment in which both had intimacy within reality. Filed Under: Son Niurka reacts romance.

Niurka’s son’s career is growing and full of success

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Emilio Osorio took advantage of the cameras to share the new project he has on the door regarding his musical career, “’What you ask of me’ is a great song. It is part of this new album, of the proposal that I am giving at the moment. I’m happy with the work I’m doing, with the results, people in terms of receiving me in music again. The truth is, I am very happy with the reception of the album”, Niurka’s son revealed.

After being asked if he would give up acting right now, he immediately replied, “Yes, of course; right now I’m completely focused on music. I feel very happy because I have been studying these last years to release this album. I have been writing this album so that it comes out with quality”, concluded Emilio Osorio. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE. Filed Under: Son Niurka reacts romance.

This is how Internet users reacted after Emilio Osorio’s statements

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As if that were not enough, Internet users did not take long to react to the statements and position of Emilio Osorio after being questioned about the relationship that his mother maintains with the soap opera actor, until one or another user touched on the subject of the audios where Niurka calls her own children ‘parasites’.

“They would have asked him about the audios of his mother talking about them”, “Poor boy, he is surely sorry to have that lady as a mother”, “What else does this poor boy have left, with the mother who touched him”, “ Poor guy, what a horror to have this ordinary and vulgar woman as a mother”, “I would tell my mom to stop making a fool of herself”, some Internet users shared. Filed Under: Son Niurka reacts romance.

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