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Music from The Weeknd and Justin Bieber, along with a video challenge where one man is buried alive for 50 hours, are among some of the top trending videos on YouTube in 2021.
Each year, the online video platform releases its top trending videos.
“This year we saw that the diversity in the types of entertainment people were seeking out grew even further (than previous years),” said Maddy Buxton, YouTube trends expert.
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“On our top trending videos list, there is traditional mainstream content — everything from The Weeknd Super Bowl half-time show to an America’s Got Talent audition — and then there is content that we think of as the new mainstream. These are videos coming from really popular creators … and one thing that really started in 2020 that we continued to see in 2021 is that audiences were coming to YouTube in search of videos that provided a sense of connection.”
Topping YouTube’s top trending video list in Canada is MrBeast, I spent 50 hours buried alive, in which the video creator is put to the test and buried underground for 50 hours.
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“I think audiences tune in because they wanted to see how this challenge would turn out but I think more broadly, this video’s success speaks to Mr. Beast’s success and his ability to really grow a very large and loyal audience,” said Buxton.
Top trending videos in Canada
Two Canadian artists topped YouTube’s top music videos in Canada: The Weeknd and his song Save Your Tears and Justin Bieber’s Peaches earned the number one and two spots, respectively.
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“(The Weeknd) followed this single with a performance at the Super Bowl. It was the combined element of having this successful single and then this live performance that was so popular that propelled this track to its success,” said Buxton.
Top music videos in Canada
Comedian Kris Collins — known for her cast of comedic characters — was number one on YouTube’s top Canadian creators and breakout creators this year.
“Audiences are coming … to see who she is outside of character. She’s done some Q and As and more behind-the-scenes look at who she is,” she said.
Top Canadian Creators
Top Canadian Breakout Creators
Canadian Shorts Creators – Rising Stars
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