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Finding YouTube videos for kids to watch that are fun, educational, and don’t drive you crazy can be a challenge. And it’s one I know well — my kids love YouTube, so “Baby Shark” is always in rotation at my house, along with the rest of my kids’ playlist, which should be titled “Songs My Mom Never Wants to Hear Again.”
While I know the old standbys aren’t going anywhere, it’s nice to have some alternatives for the days when I will lose it if I have to listen to the kid from “Johny Johny Yes Papa” lie to his dad about eating sugar one more time. YouTube is the internet’s most popular video sharing platform, and because kids are more tech-savvy than ever, there’s a good chance they are accessing the site on a regular basis. In fact, young people are watching less and less cable TV and instead turning to platforms like YouTube. But YouTube has a channel for just about everything, so it can be tough to narrow down kid-friendly YouTube videos that are educational and entertaining. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the best YouTube channels for kids that are appropriate and fun, and brain-building to boot. This list of YouTube channels covers everything from nursery rhymes to STEM learning and will make sure your kiddo’s screen time counts.
by Kelsie Gibson 12 hours ago
by Amanda Prahl 14 hours ago
by Sabienna Bowman 14 hours ago
by Monica Sisavat 15 hours ago
by Sabienna Bowman 15 hours ago
by Eden Arielle Gordon 17 hours ago
by Sabienna Bowman 23 hours ago
by Chanel Vargas 1 day ago
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