Utah student arrested for allegedly threatening to detonate school’s nuclear reactor if football team loses

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So far it is unknown if the process against Meredith Miller is still open or only left on bail.

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Meredith Millera University of Utah student was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats by posting on social media that he was going to detonate the nuclear reactor on campus if the team didn’t win.

According to authorities, the 21-year-old student posted the threat on the Yik Yak social media app.

“On Saturday, September 17, the University of Utah Police Department was notified that someone had posted a message on YikYak: ‘If we don’t win today, I will detonate the nuclear reactor on campus,'” the statement said.

University police determined that a student posted the message and was interviewed Wednesday, authorities said.

“She acknowledged posting the statement and was arrested and booked in the Salt Lake County Jail for making terroristic threats,” authorities said.

The student claimed that her statement was a joke, said the university; however, Police Chief Jason Hinojosa said in the statement: “We have a zero tolerance policy for these types of threats.”

It should be noted that the university has a nuclear engineering program, which is why there is a reactor on campus, which, according to school authorities, is secured and has alarms, and the police have unique protocols to handle any contingency.

According to the Department of Energy, the University of Utah is one of 25 universities with nuclear reactors.

“Under state law, it doesn’t matter. Even if they are completely unable to carry out the threat or if the threat is made but not attempted, it is still the same charge.”

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