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Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.
When it comes to green manufacturing, China is now a clean-energy powerhouse. Its market dominance from solar panels to electric vehicles took long-term planning and a level of financial investment only state-controlled banking systems can deliver. By 2030, China will have an outsized influence on this strategic industry, and it’s poised to seize a fair share of the jobs and wealth creation that come with it.
China’s Covid Outbreak Driven by Existing Strains, Global Consortium Finds
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ECB’s Schnabel Says Rates Need to Reach ‘Restrictive Territory’
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Trial in Shooting of Megan Thee Stallion Exposes Misogynoir
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Kari Lake’s Bid to Overturn Arizona Election Rejected by Judge
Kenya Ships Food Donation to South Sudan Amid Fighting
Russia’s Abramovich Gave Largest US Weed Company Millions
IRS Delays $600 Tax Reporting Rule for Venmo, Etsy Sellers
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Banks Open Data-Protection Vault to Other Financial Businesses
Drugmakers Are Testing Ways to Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts
Taliban Ban Women From Working for Domestic, Foreign NGOs
University of California Workers End Strike, Ratify Contract
Oil Passes Natural Gas as Main Fuel for Power Plants in New England
New England Grid Asks Members to Voluntarily Curtail Power Usage
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Sam Bankman-Fried’s Bahamas Jail Luxury: Cable, AC and a Toilet
There’s a big opportunity as markets grope toward reasonable valuations again. More skills are needed to exploit it.
There’s plenty of value if you look for it.
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David Einhorn is a champion poker player, so it’s plenty possible that he’s bluffing. But when the head of Greenlight Capital says that “value investing might never come back,” as he did recently in a televised interview with Bloomberg’s Sonali Basak, it’s worth taking notice. Staffs of traditional analysts who crunch corporate balance sheets have been “gutted,” Einhorn said, leaving a shortage of investors capable of trying value investing, even if they wanted to. Asked by Sonali whether value would come back, his reply is bearish:


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