VIDEO: He stabs a thief who tried to rob his store in Las Vegas

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Johnny Nguyen said he was grateful to be alive after this ordeal.

Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Cases of justice into their own hands continue to increase in various parts of the world, such is the case of a man who stabbed a man seven times. thief who walked into his vaporizer shop in Las Vegas.

According to what was captured by the security cameras, the owner of the establishment stabbed the subject repeatedly with a knife at the subject who jumped on the counter to steal money from the cash register.

Officials from the Department of Policeman Las Vegas Metropolitan said they responded to an emergency call. Once they arrived at the scene, they were able to confirm the attack on the criminal and confirm the identity of the business owner.

Johnny Nguyen It is the name of the tenant who justified his action by assuring that when he saw one of the two assailants with a bag, he thought he was carrying a firearm.

“I feared for my life. When they came in, one of them had a bag in front of him like he had a gun or something. I didn’t have much time to think. I grabbed my knife right next to the cash register,” he said.

“First I asked them nicely to leave, but the guy took my jar of tips, which was fine. When they came back and tried to take some more, that’s when it all escalated,” she detailed.

Finally, the man was grateful to be alive in the face of the terrible experience he lived in his own flesh. The thief is in the hospital; however, the details of his health status are unknown. His companion fled the site; however, the corresponding investigations are being carried out to find out his whereabouts.

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