Video: Olga Tañón goes two months ahead and surprises by decorating her mansion for Christmas

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Merenguera Olga Tañón surprised everyone by having already decorated her house for Christmas.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Puerto Rican singer Olga Tanon55, became the first celebrity to decorate her mansion for Christmasdespite the fact that there are still two long months to go before the long-awaited celebration and more than a month to Halloween. That’s the attitude.

The merenguera shared, through her Instagram account, a video that shows her placing the Christmas tree in the company of her daughter, Gabrielle.

The material, lasting a few seconds and set to music with the song ‘Christmas have arrived’ by José Nogueras, allowed us to see in detail what his tree is like, which is the traditional green color.

In his tree, which was placed in the living room area next to a large window, white, gold and red tones dominate, as well as reindeer figures, flowers, crowns and the inevitable spheres.

Olga Tañón decided to bring Christmas forward two months for a powerful reason, being tired of her neighbor always beating her to put up the tree, so she wanted to take the initiative and be the first to do it.

“Christmas has arrived. I beat the neighbor. Christmas in September”, wrote the interpreter, who a few days ago surprised everyone with her radical makeover.

Olga Tañón’s occurrence was celebrated by her followers, who have already given her more than 80 thousand likes in her Instagram video, as well as by various celebrities, whom she helped to already feel the Christmas mood.

Total QÍdolo, you did what I’ve always dreamed of”, wrote Catherin Siachoque, while Greidys Gil told her “Olga you didn’t leave anything for anyone!!! The neighbor about to have a heart attack and I want to put mine !!!”. Aleyda Ortiz was concerned about the reaction of her neighbor: “Noooo the neighbor is going to get bad bad”, she reads in some of the comments she has received.

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