Woman becomes famous after assuring that she is a virgin at 35

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Not having sex until marriage is important in India.

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achieve fame in social networks it has become the main goal for millions of people in the world. Some choose to replicate a trend, others opt for making original content that can accumulate likes and reactions, while some others aim to show off something characteristic, such as a woman who assured that it is virgin at 35 years old.

Is about Sonali Chandraa woman from the India but who lives in the United States, who shared for the Insider site what his life has been in the face of the social pressure that is currently being experienced regarding his sexuality.

“I am 35 years old and I support myself virgin with pride. I need a ring on my finger before I lose my virginity to my only partner. I would be devastated if I betrayed my principles and had a one-night stand, “she narrated in his statements that went viral.

“My colleagues often talk about their various relationships. I never join the conversation. It’s not because I’m scared, although I know that sex for the first time can be painful. But friends with benefits and relations no strings attached are not for me. I am looking for my soul mate,” she added.

Don’t have sex until marriage is important in India, so although she does not live in her native country, the woman who has the American nationality stressed the importance of continuing with her traditions and beliefs.

“As a first-generation modern Indian American, I am pleased to uphold the traditional values ​​of the country where my parents grew up. Sex before marriage is a taboo in India“.

“I had my first kiss at 26, and it felt amazing. Things went no further. I think the romance went nowhere because of my beliefs. Four years ago, I met another guy I really liked. One night, we were having a drink in a hotel bar and he wanted to rent a room. I told him it would be my first time. He told me: ‘You deserve someone who is always by your side, but I can’t be.’ He didn’t return my calls or texts after that“, Closed the woman who wants to reach the altar before delivering what is most valuable to her.

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